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With tax regulations becoming more convoluted and confusing every time they are "simplified", and with the puzzling differences between state and federal tax laws, you need a professional tax practitioner, to help you walk through the maze of tax regulations. We specialize in individual, corporate, partnership, LLC and LLP returns, and being federally licensed, we can prepare returns for all 50 states. At Gamma Financial we look for every deduction and credit that you are legally entitled to, in order to reduce your tax liability to the absolute minimum allowable by law. Our office is open year round, which means there is a professional available to answer your questions, and help you with unexpected tax problems, outside tax season. Tax planning in our office is tailored to each client's specific situation, keeping the unique needs of each taxpayer in mind. By making tax planning as an integral part of your overall tax strategy, you can minimize your current, as well as, future tax liabilities.

With electronically filing income tax returns, your refund is processed and send to you many times faster than paper returns; more so, we arrange for your refund to be deposited directly in your bank account, cutting down the refund time even further, by eliminating the need for printing and mailing a paper check from government agencies, to you.

We prepare financial statements for our business clients, and help them use these reports to manage their business with more efficiency and higher profitability. These reports are customized for each business, keeping their individual needs in mind. Final year to date numbers on these statements are used in preparation of annual business income tax returns. As part of our business services, we provide payroll and sales tax preparation and pertinent government filings.

Whether you want to buy a business, open a new location, or purchase a new piece of equipment, you need the assistance of a financial professional to help you run the numbers, for you to see if it makes sense; to assist you understand the pros and cons of each major business decision; to provide you with all the feasible options, and layout various avenues to a successful business decision making. We are that advisor, with many years of experience, to our business clients.

It goes without saying that many individuals, these days, are not savvy enough when it comes to financial issues. Whether you want to refinance your mortgage, or do not know the implications of leasing a new car or outright purchasing it; maybe you are wondering if biweekly mortgage payments are suitable for you, or not; whatever the financial labyrinth you are wrestling with, we are only a phone call away. You can come in any time of the year; we sit down together and work out the best solution to your financial problems.

As Enrolled Agents (EA) we are licensed to practice in front of the IRS, and all other government agencies, representing clients in audit situations. Just the fact of being audited either as an individual or a business owner, can result in sleepless nights; we help you organize your records for the purpose of representation, and present them on your behalf. We are experienced in various agency audit representations, and different types of audits, namely, income tax, sales tax, payroll tax, city, and county taxes.

If you are planning to incorporate your business, or start an LLC, we can help. We will setup your new entity for you, from A to Z, taking the burden off your back; that includes clearing and reserving your new entity's name; filing the required paperwork, with the right agencies, to complete the formation of your entity; providing you with a completed book of records, and obtaining new ID numbers for your business.

As a financial planning firm, we guide our clients through many facets of the financial planning maze. We help businesses formulate their long term strategies. Sometimes there is a need for business continuation planning through buy sell agreements. Maybe your family wants to work towards the purchase of their dream house and needs to know how much mortgage they can carry and what price property they can afford. In other words, we help clients work towards achieving their financial goals.